Kilbourne/New York Medical College
Archive of Influenza Virus Reassortants, Mutants and Antisera

The viruses and antisera described in the present archive are available upon application by e-mail to D.Ringer, or by calling (301-208-1777).

The Archive includes 181 reassortants or mutants of influenza viruses prevalent during the period 1933-2000. These reassortants were produced or the mutants were discovered in the laboratory of Edwin D. Kilbourne during the past 43 years. A number of the reassortants were designed as high yield, commercially used vaccine viruses under FDA/CBER sponsorship, and others were produced under a remarkable arrangement of shared funding by the major American influenza vaccine manufacturers. However, the majority of the viruses have been designed (and employed) as research reagents.

Special Notice

The entire contents of this archive with detailed descriptions of each virus and of antisera to many of them are once again accessible on the Web at A new organization of NIAID known as the Biodefense and Emerging Infections Research Resources Repository (BEIResources) is prepared to distribute samples of the Archive viruses.

BEIR may be contacted as follows:
Phone 800-359-7370
Fax 703-365-2898
Web address

If samples are not immediately available, please contact Dr. Doris Bucher ( at New York Medical College, which is holding duplicate samples in the original depository.